Rocky Acres

Sterling, Massachusetts
Event Venue
Picutres of the event ground- COMING SOON

Rocky Acres Farm Grounds can be rented for special events including Weddings, Corporate Events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties. 

We have many unique features that would make for a very special day.

Rocky Acres offers a picturesqe backdrop and various areas of the farm that can be utilized from barns to open fields to wooded areas. 

We can include hayrides, tours of the farm, animals including cows, horses, goats, chickens, etc. 

Call today for a tour of our facilities and to discuss options.

For an additional fee we can contact our vendors and supply:

  • Food
  • Tent
  • Porta Toilets
  • Tables
  • Trash
  • Entertainment
  • Children’s Activities
  • Power



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